Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Aftermath of a Fallen, Modern-day Pharoh

After returning home from Egypt and spending almost three months psychologically healing, while helping my mother and sister physically heal from a fatal car crash that claimed the lives of my grandmother and aunt...having returned to Egypt after Hosni Mubarak's fall from dictatorship will have an interesting impression on my new stay in this, now, military-state.

Its interesting seeing student street clean-up crews, sweeping the collected sand and dust and picking up trash and rubbish that's typically a norm to dispose anywhere at will, here in Nasr City, the area where I live, and throughout Cairo. I am eager to see how long this new "Spirit of Egypt" will last! Actually seeing the Egyptian Army military tanks along the main streets, securing what the now ousted Egyptian police once secured, delivers a strange, but facinating impact of the reality that a 30 year ruling pharoh has fallen and an Egyptian Revolution, inspired and lead by a majority of youthful Facebook users, occured.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts in the aftermath of this, The Egyptian Revolution 2011!


  1. I am reminded of Marley, "Soon we'll find out who is a real revolutionary; I don't want my people to be tricked...by mercenaries...".

  2. It is indeed fascinating, however, I'm really saddened by the vote to speed up the election process. Being that the Muslim Brootherhood is the only completely established party right now and given the culture of Egypt, I fear things will only regress.
    I wish the best for you in this amazing journey:)