Monday, March 8, 2010


Welcome to Cairo... One peculiar place!

everywhere  is crowded.
people are moving.
talented bread man delivers his load.

life is hard.

mosque here.

masjid there.

the word, "Wallahi"
(I swear to Allah)...
rings out loudly from every direction.
the Azan sounds over a city-wide PDA system and everyone prays.
(call to prayer, in a chanting voice).
"Allaaaahu Akbar.
Ash-hadu an
la ilaha ill-Allah"

taxi cabs EVERYWHERE.

three to one motorbike...sometimes even four or entire family with sheep or lamb!
horns hunking.
stop. go. stop. go.
beep! beep! beep!
the monotonous conversation of the traffic.
going around the round-about.
my flatmate deeply sighs and says,
"Ohhhh, we're gonna be here (in traffic) forever!"

men smoking.

all of them.
arabic speaking.

men dressed in gulabiyas.

women covered... from head to toe.
sardine packed microbuses.
hustling boy hanging outside the door yelling,
quickly filling whatever inch of space is left with more willing Egytians.

old ladies sit on the corner to sell vegetables.

children playing.
the day passes by.
the night falls.
nite life begans.
the nile river glows.

egyptian girls dance on the felucca (river boat).
club! club! club!

(sound of the constant, dirty, demeaning cat-calls from perverted men.)
if only i had an extra shoe to throw!

This is Cairo, Egypt!