Sunday, November 21, 2010

Eva Mae White - RIP

How does one supposed to react to heart-wrenching news of the death of a loved one? Sure death is apart of life. It is inevitable. And, yes, I am cognizant that we should embrace the passing of a loved one and celebrate their life. And, though, I am terribly torn to pieces that my grandmother, Mrs. Eva Mae White, was tragically killed in a car accident, yesterday, I will embrace the pain and grief of losing a phenomenal lady. My mother, sister, aunt and uncle lives were all spared in the tragedy. Al  hamdulillah! The are currently recovering in the hospital.

Recently turning the seasoned age of 84, my grandmother lived her life as though it had just begun. She had a successful marriage that lasted well over 40-odd years, until my grandfather passed away in late 1994. My grandma was a very giving and caring lady. She gave to the poor and fed the hungry. She volunteered to the elderly, (she didn't consider herself as such). She was a wonderful listener and even more out-spoken. She was a "tell-it-like-it-is" kind of lady, and she offered sound and wonderful advice. In her ripe age, she was still slick! A foxy lady till the end, known for her dazzling suits and big, down-south, "church-going" hats. She loved to dress-up!
My grandmother had a sense of humor that could keep you laughing for days. She was a family woman and loved all of her children, grandchildren, great grands and more the same. She was a mother-figure to many people and even more individuals considered her their grandma.

My grandmother was born, September 12, 1926 and she died, November 20, 2010. A wonderful woman she was... A beautiful soul she has.

May you rest is pure and abundant peace. I love you forever.

Your grandaughter,
April Georgette Brooks