Sunday, May 31, 2009

Down South

So, I am back South of the Border, again!!! About to finish up this International MBA at Alliant International University - Mexico City Campus. I arrived in Distrito Federal, Mexico Friday night. This will be my new home for a good minute. If you know me, you know that I am an international jet-setter, making my moves and leaving my marks!!! My cousin back home told me to "Keep doing it big, April!" Is that what I'm doing??? All I know, is that I am trying to complete this so-called "higher education", make me proud, travel, see as much of the world I can see, motivate some Black children and teenagers to believe in themselves, do their best and succeed in this exploited and oppressed thing called "life". Come along for a ride with me on my journey discussing life, education, racism, sexuality, religion, war, politics, culture, Blackness, Africa, international travel, white people, police states, Dead Prez, Obama, HipHop, Jazz, Rock, World Beats, Languages...whatever you choose, we will intellecutally dialog.

Stay tuned. Stay in motion...