Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 Break-up, 2010 Wake-up...

5 hours before the new year, my FIANCE' dumped me!

What's up AG Worldwide! Yes, I know, it has been a minute since my last blog. I think most of you know that I am no longer in Mexico. I have been living in Cairo, Egypt since August 2009, attending The American University in Cairo - Grad School, however, I am home in Mississippi, USA for the holiday. And, boy, what a painful one this has been...

Yes the title says, "2009 BREAK-UP". Well, the man that I was planning to marry this past December 28, 2009 (my birthday), dumped me, abandoned me and left me cold and heart broken. His name, Wajdi , Tunisian from Tunis, Tunisa, North Africa. Yes, he dumped me and began screwing some woman, that he's only known for 2 months (or so he says) and decided he did not feel the same about me as he did before. And on December 31, 2009, five hours before the new year, he told me, OVER THE PHONE, that we should go our separate ways. WHOA!

The really naive part about all of this, is that I actually believed him all the times he told me that he would never cheat on me, that he would ONLY have eyes for me, he would never have sex with another woman... now you guys know that dating men for me has been an issue for many years! And the one man I felt comfortable enough with to cross back over the fence with, did all the things he said he would not do. Then, he DUMPED ME! Now, thank God, this did not make me want to dash back over that fence, nonetheless, it did make the process of trusting a man more difficult. I'm still for the guys, and I thought I was extra cautious and careful when I chose him, but, I guess you can NEVER be too careful.


Clearly I cried, but no begging went on. I'm not a begger. I just tried to get clarity and understanding. As we are both adults, and him being a grown man (32 years old), he's quite cognitive to make logical and conscious decisions. Consequently, a break-up is what he wanted. As hurt as I was, I respected his decision, told him Happy New Year, then goodbye. A.G.WorldWide, you can't force someone to love you if they just don't.

I wish him well, really, I do. He dumped me in 2009. A new year has commenced! It is 2010!!! Time to start fresh! Out with the old, in with the NEW! Time heals all. It was just not meant for Wajdi and I to be together or husband and wife. And, I'm glad it is over now rather than have gotten married to only become an emotionally abused wife, then a divorcee.

Now, it is time again to regroup and continue to focus on my studies, my thesis, my life in Egypt and my future as Diplomat. My sister tells me to forget about him, and that I have so much to look forward to and a promising future. I believe her! And I thank her so much for being there for me as a big sister should! Thanks Mala. I love you and you are my bestest!

So, I look to my future and forget about my past!

2010, keeping it moving and staying in motion!

A.G.WorldWide... I'm BACK!