Sunday, November 21, 2010

Eva Mae White - RIP

How does one supposed to react to heart-wrenching news of the death of a loved one? Sure death is apart of life. It is inevitable. And, yes, I am cognizant that we should embrace the passing of a loved one and celebrate their life. And, though, I am terribly torn to pieces that my grandmother, Mrs. Eva Mae White, was tragically killed in a car accident, yesterday, I will embrace the pain and grief of losing a phenomenal lady. My mother, sister, aunt and uncle lives were all spared in the tragedy. Al  hamdulillah! The are currently recovering in the hospital.

Recently turning the seasoned age of 84, my grandmother lived her life as though it had just begun. She had a successful marriage that lasted well over 40-odd years, until my grandfather passed away in late 1994. My grandma was a very giving and caring lady. She gave to the poor and fed the hungry. She volunteered to the elderly, (she didn't consider herself as such). She was a wonderful listener and even more out-spoken. She was a "tell-it-like-it-is" kind of lady, and she offered sound and wonderful advice. In her ripe age, she was still slick! A foxy lady till the end, known for her dazzling suits and big, down-south, "church-going" hats. She loved to dress-up!
My grandmother had a sense of humor that could keep you laughing for days. She was a family woman and loved all of her children, grandchildren, great grands and more the same. She was a mother-figure to many people and even more individuals considered her their grandma.

My grandmother was born, September 12, 1926 and she died, November 20, 2010. A wonderful woman she was... A beautiful soul she has.

May you rest is pure and abundant peace. I love you forever.

Your grandaughter,
April Georgette Brooks


  1. Simply beautiful April. I am sorry about your loss but I can tell she lived a fulfilled life <3 <3 <3 love u girl

  2. I too will greatly miss Eva Mae. She and my mom, Annie Mae Scott-Sims, are 1st cousins. Bernard Harmon and I drove to Leland to meet Eva Mae when we were planning our 1st family reunion in Jackson Ms. I have videos of Eva and Will Henry Coleman sharing many stories about our family history. May her legacy live on.

    Forver Family,

    Diane Wheeler
    Chicago, Il

  3. I felt like she was my own grandmother as I read this April. May she rest in peace, what a wonderful soul she has and she was so obviously able to pass it on because in many ways I recognized you in that description. Your loss i actually the world's loss. I'll make a prayer just for her and you boo. Love, D.

  4. I am in shock, and have been since reading your message this morning. I can remember conversations shared about how you would feel if this were to ever happen. You never knew the day, but the fear was always there. Words or emotions can not show my in deepest regards for your family, they are too my family,she was indeed my grandmother as well. Tears flow like crazy, i feel empty (some part of me) this surpasses my understanding. She touched the lives of everyone she cross paths with, and yes laughter was her best friend.

    Forever Loved.

  5. April dat was so beautiful and well said. May God's blessings be upon u and da fam at this time bereavement. Much luv, Sammeisha!!!

  6. To the entire White family you have my prayers. Eva Mae White is my cousins grandmother. May God bless & Keep you all!!!

  7. The Bell Family send heartfelt condolences. Love you!!!

  8. April um sorry to hear about the lost of your grandmother and Ms Bonnie Amos, my prayers and condolences goes out to you and your family, much love from me! Love you Much!

    LaConya Bush-Ervin

  9. Hi April. I too am very sorry to hear about the passing of your grandmother and aunt. I remember them both very well. I googled Ms. Eva Mae's name and found your blogspot. I am so happy to see that you are a world traveler from our tiny hometown of Leland. Best wishes on your graduate studies and program. I don't recall how many years we are apart in age. I just remember you being Mala's little sister and you both going to New Zion together hand-in-hand. When I was a little girl, my sisters and I spent many a day walking the three blocks down the street to your grandparents' store to get our candy appetites satiated. They, along with my grandfather, provided food for our young souls and an unmatched love no big city could ever offer. When I heard about your grandmother's passing, my mind went immediately back to the days of old at "the store". What was the name of the store anyway? We never called it a name. I only remember "the store" or as my granddad put it, "Essie's store". I have such a vivid memory of your whole family and your grandmother, in particular. She was warm and interesting, interested in our lives and our individual successes. She, indeed, was a phenomenal woman. My siblings and I (Mark, Thelma and Orangie) are praying for your family and want you all to know that we are thinking of you and love you. I thank God so much for people like your grandma (and your grandfather too). They nurtured me everyday as a child in an unspeakable, unforgettable way. They made us laugh so much and reminded us constantly to keep God in our lives. The store wasn't just a store for me and my siblings, it was a part of our lore. May your grandmother and aunt's sprits find rest with the Lord and may God keep your family strong through this peace. I pray for your sister and your mom too. Give them our best from the Merchant family and our extended families.

    Lisa Merchant
    Glen Burnie, Maryland
    former Leland resident

  10. Hi, April

    You probably don't know me, but we are cousins. Eva Mae and my dad(Buck Scott) were two siblings children. I remember with fondness your grandmother. She was so very sweet and kind just like Aunt Sudie(Daddy Scott's sister). Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. It is evident that both were deeply loved. My parents and brother commented on the thousands who were in attendance at their homegoing. We love you guys. Mama Doll sends her love.

    Yolanda Scott Randolph and Family
    Brandon, Mississippi

  11. Thank you all for your condolences. Your words and gratitude are warmly embraced.

    Lisa Merchant -
    I remember you very well! The name of the store was "E.White's Gro."...hahahahahah... you made me laugh so much reading your thoughts, and you definitely took me back down memory lane! Thank you! And yes, I am still Mala's little sister (in her eyes only). I am 4 1/2 years younger than she.

    Yolanda Scott -
    No, unfortunately we've never met, but with the last name "Scott" and being from Brandon, MS, I know we are family!!! Please email me and offer your phone number so we can speak (

    LaConya Bush -
    Hey classmate! Thank you so much for your kind and endearing words!

    Diane Wheeler -
    Thank you for your kind and endearing words.

    Ricca Chica!! I love you!!! Thanks, lady!

    To all of the anonymous posts, thank you for your kind and endearing words!

    God Bless You All and may 2011 bring you abundant prosperity and absolute bliss!
    Happy New Year