Friday, April 9, 2010

The Challenging Thesis...

Greetings All,

Most of my readers are aware that I am a Global Diplomacy, MPPA Candidate (Masters Public Policy Administration) in the Faculty of Global Affairs and Public Policy. I have been writing my thesis for the past month and consequently, I am feeling somewhat discouraged, suffering from writer's block and just thinking that my thoughts are not scholarly or theoretical enough at the graduate level. While my thesis question/topic was approved by the department, I am nervous, to say the least, because (1) I have never written a thesis, and (2)there are so many stages of a thesis that I have begun to feel overwhelmed and a bit of anxiety. The basis of my thesis is if the UNHCR-Cairo implements a program that aids in a safe and conducive acclimation into Egyptian society for Somali refugees.

I just want to produce a great, scholastic contribution of literature to public policy that will aid in possible reform and empower the reader. How does one measure their ability to push themselves to greater limits beyond their own cognitive capacity? That's the level I am seeking, not fear.

Buck up, April... Get your mind right! Focus.

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